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OpenLM for ESRI ELA Customers

„Wir konnten durch den Einsatz von OpenLM aufzeigen, dass wir entgegen der Prognose viel weniger ESRI Lizenzen gebraucht haben.“

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The ESRI Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) program offers enterprises to expand their usage of GIS technology. This program benefits organizations by providing them with the software that they require to improve their services and utilize their resources more efficiently. The final cost of the ELA is influenced by organization type and a variety of other factors, such as the number of licenses used, but it is usually lower than the cost of maintaining individual licenses.

Usually signed for three-year periods, the Esri ELA offers several flexible plans that were designed to fit the requirements of a variety of organizations. After the agreement expires, organizations can choose to renew it or switch back to a normal license-maintenance contract. If the agreement is renewed, the price of renewal is determined by the number of licenses held, not the terms of the initial ELA.

Quotation from an ELA:

“Upon expiration of this ELA, the parties will evaluate Licensee's requirements. Any follow-on ELA will be offered in accordance with license terms and condition and pricing then in effect and based upon Licensee's then current meter count.”


While the ESRI ELA program offers numerous benefits, it is not right for all organizations.

Organizations that opt not to renew their ELA will have to pay standard maintenance fees for their licenses; this can add up to a significant sum of money. Even organizations that plan on renewing their ELA may encounter problems. The availability of an unlimited number of software licenses, something that the ELA provides, can greatly increase the cost of agreement renewal for organizations that use and manage these licenses inefficiently.

The solution - ProActive License Management with OpenLM:

By actively managing the licenses with OpenLM the utilization of the licenses can be maximized. In doing that consequently the price for the renewal of the ELA can be minimized while coincidently increasing productivity.

Using OpenLM in conjunction with an Esri ELA offers numerous benefits:

  • Unlimited access to ESRI software with the assurance that these licenses are used efficiently
  • Full compliance with the requirement of the ESRI ELA for Agency Central Support (ACS) for the documentation of the license utilization
  • OpenLM supports customers in providing the anual license utilization report to ESRI
  • OpenLM provides license administrators meanngful information about license utilization for optimization and cost-allocation
  • License management that is automated to minimize license-administration costs

ESRI recommends OpenLM für tracking the utilization of concurrent user licenses:

"There are optional methods to track usage of concurrent use licenses such as ... OpenLM ..."

Bottom line

Unbridled usage of software which is provided in an unlimited manner can lead organizations to a cost trap. Enterprises that participate in the ESRI ELA program and at the same time use OpenLM for actively managing licensing utilization can benefit from the full ESRI product functionality while controlling costs and securing license compliance.

ESRI ELA - U.S. District of Columbia

ESRI ELA USA D.C. - ArcGIS Desktop License Usage
ESRI ELA USA D.C. - ArcGIS Desktop License Usage

The U.S. District of Columbia uses OpenLM to monitor and manage the utilization of their ESRI software licenses covered by the ESRI ELA (Enterprise License Agreement).

Citizens get an explanation about the ESRI ELA and a monthly report about the utilization of the ESRI licenses.

This gives a very transparent documentation to everybody that the purchased licenses are efficiently utilized.