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SECOPTENA: Your OpenLM Partner for Germany and Austria

OpenLM is a leading provider of scalable solutions for the effective management of software licenses. Companies that use OpenLM software range from small businesses to global corporations with internationally distributed organizations.

The functionality of the OpenLM product suite is solely oriented to the customers business need for effective and efficient use of licensed software tools.

Besides productivity enhancements for the users of these software tools, OpenLM enables all other process stakeholders like procurement, controlling, compliance and IT-administration to manage a perfect balance between cost optimization and allocation as well as productivity.

OpenLM is closely working together with their customers and is committed for the future to provide the most valuable functionality based on the most advanced technologies.

To ensure outstanding communication and support for their world-wide customers OpenLM is operating a dedicated international customer care center that is available around the clock with rapid response time.

OpenLM is headquartered in Israel.