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OpenLM Utilizer

OpenLM System Overview
OpenLM System Overview

OpenLM Utilizer is the core of the OpenLM solution. OpenLM Utilizer monitores the connected license management systems and collects data about license utilization. This data is aggregated and provided to the users as information for monitoring purposes and for the reporting of license statistics.

OpenLM Utilizer is composed of:

  • OpenLM Server
  • OpenLM EasyAdmin
  • OpenLM Broker
  • LDAP User Synchronisation
  • OpenLM Agent
  • OpenLM API

To operate OpenLM Utilizer the monitoring of at least one supported software product of a specific vendor.

OpenLM Server

OpenLM Server supports software products based on various license management systems like FlexNet, FLEXlm, IBM LUM, DSLS, Sentinel RMS, Sentinel HASP, RLM, BetaLM, MathLM, Greenhills, Codemeter and LM-X.

OpenLM Server Configuration
OpenLM Server Configuration

OpenLM Server collects Information about the utilization of the software products and stores this date in a relational database.

OpenLM Server is a Microsoft Windows Service, able to manage and monitor multiple license servers at the same time regardless whether these license managers are running of different operating systmes (UNIX, Linux, or Windows) and whether they are operated in different places and time zones.

OpenLM Server provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for the configuration of the license servers to be monitored and for the fundamental operational functions. OpenLM Server provides a powerful and convenient LDAP interface (Active Directory, Novell Directory, Apache DS) for synchronisation of users and groups.

OpenLM EasyAdmin

OpenLM EasyAdmin
OpenLM EasyAdmin

The OpenLM EasyAdmin User Interface supports all standard internet browsers and provides comprehensive Monitoring and Reporting capabilities für the connected license management systems. Beyond that OpenLM EasyAdmin is, depending on the security settings, the administration interface to OpenLM Server.

The user of OpenLM EasyAdmin has the choice between diverse language settings like english, german, french, spanish, portugese and russian and can select his individual time zone and locale.

The user interface can be configured individually and provides direct access to all relevant information about the system status:

  • License server status
  • OpenLM Broker status for every license server
  • General license statistics about daily weekly or monthly license utilization
  • Status of crucial information for every license server
  • Alerts and system messages
  • Statistics & Charts about Licenses Utilization and Denial of Services

OpenLM Broker

OpenLM Broker Configuration
OpenLM Broker Configuration

OpenLM Broker collects logging information and information about license utilization from the monitored license management system and submits this data to OpenLM Server. OpenLM Broker is platform independent java application and is running on the same comuter system as the monitored license management system. OpenLM Broker is providing support for FLEXlm, FLEXnet, IBM LUM, und Sentinel RMS and offers the following functionality:

  • Information about license untilization
  • improvement of communication if the access to the remote system is limited
  • Buffering of utilization data in case of network outage to OpenLM Server
  • Supervision of the license server status
  • Information about denials of requested licenses
  • Administration of the configured license management systems
  • Integration of individual license management systems via the OpenLM Broker Generic Interface

OpenLM Agent

The ability for the end user to query the license availability is an important step to improve license utilization. OpenLM Agent can be installed on every workstation. "Wo is currently using the license I am actually needing" this is always the ultimate user question in situations when project pressure is at a maximun.

This information is available with a single mouse click for all licenses managed with OpenLM. As long as the appropriate information is available in OpenLM or through LDAP synchronisation and if the user is granted the appropriate access rights additional license user contact information can be provided through OpenLM Agent.

Who ever needs a license at aspecial point of time but is not able to get one can use this information to contact one of the actual users and ask for release of the license. 

This is a very beneficial and important functionality for every company using floating (concurrent user) licenses for expensive products like from Siemens PLM (NX, Teamcenter, …), Autodesk (AutoCAD, Inventor, …), MathWorks (MATLAB, Simulink, …), ESRI (ArcGIS), AVEVA, PTC (Creo Elements, Pro-E, Mathcad, …), Cadence, IntelliCAD, Dassault Systems (Solidworks), Synopsys and other vendors.

OpenLM Agent is also a very powerful tool to manage systems with a limited number of very expensive extensions.

Beyond that OpenLM offers additonal functionality like:

  • query of the license manager status
  • selection and submission of project information
  • availability notification of licenses after a denied license request

Set License ArcGIS Level

For users of ESRI ArcGIS OpenLM Agent offers a unique functionality. With OpenLM Agent the ArcMap Software can be activated in different "License Levels".

  • Basic (Previously called viewer or ArcView)
  • Standard (Previously called ArcEditor)
  • Advanced (Previously called ArcInfo)

ArcGIS end users can set the licensing level before activating the software. If such a license is available, the software will start. In OpenLM version 1.8 the licensing level feature is highly enhanced:

  • It is now possible to set the licensing level according to available licenses
  • The user can choose whether to save the ArcGIS licensing level to the Registry, to do it on a user level, or on a system level (for all users – requires administrative permissions).



OpenLM API provides access for external systems to OpenLM functionality and information. Using this technology enables users of enterprise systems access to OpenLM information whithout the necessity of leaving their application. The resulting increase of productivity is a big advantage for the enterprise.

Futhermore OpenLM API can be used to devop custom extensions to OpenLM.

OpenLM provides two different types of API:

  • OpenLM Server-API allows external applications to send information requests to OpenLM Server and to process the results.
  • OpenLM Agent-API enables the development of own plug-ins to enhance the functionality of OpenLM Agent.

OpenLM live Webinar

"License Management for Engineering Applications"

(German language):

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During registrationn you will have the option to choose between alternative dates. For an OpenLM presentation in English language please contact us!

Our customers use OpenLM to maximize license availability while minimizeing costs at the same time. To achieve that license utilization must be gathered and analyzed with the following aspects in mind:


  • Denial of Service (under licensing)
  • License excess (over licensing)
  • License Forecast
  • consolidation (licenses, licens servers, ...)
  • accounting of license cost per county, department, user, ...
  • KPIs for validation/evidence of service level, cost efficiency, ...

Customers want to get rid of the risk of self developed systems by using one single tool for analyzing the utilization of different applications.

During these 45 minutes the participants also will see which customers/industries already today optimize their network licenses with OpenLM

Target audience: This webinar adresses licens managers, CAx/PLM managers, CAx administrators, IT controllers and IT purchasing agents.

After registration you will get a confirmation email with detailed information regaring the participation to the webinar.

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