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OpenLM Support

Please contact SECOPTENA via phone or email if you need assistance when using OpenLM:

OpenLM Installation & Configuration

Informationen how to install and configure OpenLM you can find here ...

OpenLM System Requirements

The complete list of system requirements for all OpenLM Components you can find here:

OpenLM Documentation

The OpenLM System Documentation you can find here:

OpenLM Blog

The OpenLM Blog contains a lot of useful information about OpenLM and the software products which can be managed and optimized by OpenLM.

You can subscribe to the OpenLM Blog to always get the information about the latest updates of OpenLM.

Your Contacts

Bild von Bernhard Gölitz
Bernhard Gölitz  E-Mail  +49 8151 77499-59
Bild von Stefan Ritter
Stefan Ritter  E-Mail  +49 8151 77499-58